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auto-translate Rush kimamoto kamen walking trail kamamoto Sansakuro Street The climbing kiln (used from the early Edo period through the Showa 40&39;s) "Climbing kiln" utilizing the sloping land, "from the fire bag" to the baking room "between 1" (Also referred to as No. 1) upward from the burning room connected to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (the longest 13 rooms) It is about the kiln. Fuel is burned from the fire bag with "firewood" and fired in order from the first one, and if it burns up during that time, it moves to the next. Moving one after another and finishing all the firing up to the last upper stage (the end), it stops fire and burns it. "Characteristics of the climbing kiln" is that the big thing burns, burning a large amount at the same time, using the slope and efficiently using the remaining heat at the time of firing between the lower part and the like. On the contrary, the disadvantage of the climbing kiln is that black smoke pollution that burns firewood and the need to structure a large amount of goods in the entire room to burn once, it takes days and it has poor turnover rate, and every time for glazing and firing technology It was necessary to devise research as shown in. Furthermore, experience and intuition, such as inefficient work, heavy work and the need for many workers, were regarded as important, and the degree of firing was a major factor in management.

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auto-translate 匆匆kimamoto kamen步道kamamoto Sansakuro街攀登窑(从江户时代初期通过昭和40年代使用)“攀登窑”利用倾斜的土地,“从火袋”到烘房“1”之间(也称为1号)从燃烧室向上连接2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11(最长的13个房间)这是关于窑。燃料从火袋中用“柴火”燃烧,然后从第一个燃烧开始,如果它在那段时间燃烧,它会移动到下一个。一个接一个地移动并完成所有射击直到最后一个上段(结束),它会停止射击并使其燃烧。 “爬窑的特性”是大的东西燃烧,同时燃烧大量,使用斜面并有效地利用下部之间的烧制时的余热等。相反,爬窑的缺点是燃烧木柴的黑烟污染以及需要在整个房间内烧结一次大量货物,需要几天时间,而且周转率很低,每次上釉和烧成技术有必要设计如下所示的研究。此外,经验和直觉,例如低效的工作,繁重的工作和对许多工人的需求,被认为是重要的,而解雇的程度是管理的一个主要因素。

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