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auto-translate Tokorozono (base and moat) Location Mito-shi Sannomaru 1-chome Designated date month December 24th Showa 42th This place is the site of the empty hill built at the western end of old Mito castle Mitomaru . The history of Mito Castle begins with the establishment of buildings (Yakata) at the eastern end of the plateau where Boba Kojiro&39;s capital is long in the east and west, in the early Kamakura period from the end of the Heian period. After that, around the eternal year of the Middle Muromachi period, Edo Tsubasa of the Kawawata castle attacked the Baba pavilion (Mito Castle) and became the castle owner, and Edo&39;s Mito castle rule continued over the age of 160 years. However, in the end of the Sengoku period in the Temari 18th year (January 15th) December the Hitotsuta Otada Mr. Satake or Mito Castle was hit by a raid, and in the following year Yoshinori Satake entered the city, Mito Castle was Mr. Satake&39;s rule Go to the times. Yoshinobu promoted the improvement of the castle including Shimonomaru at the east end of the lower hill, Honmaru on the upper terrace, Ninomaru across the moat, and Guo Sannomaru on the west side, but Keicho In the 5th year (1600) battle of Sekigahara, because I did not attend Tokugawa Ieyasu, I was ordered to change the country to Akita suddenly in the seventh year of Keicho, Mr. Satake dominated Mito Castle in 12 years I told you. After Toyotomi&39;s fall down, Tokugawa Ieyasu, who emphasized Mito as a supporter of the Tohoku daimyo namesers, firstly shot the fifth son Takeda Shinkichi, then the ten male Tokugawa proclaimor (Yoritomo) was sealed, but in the 14th year of Keicho (16 In Mt. Mito Castle, the eleventh man Tokugawa Shobo became the castle owner, until the beginning of the Meiji era, the Mito Tokugawa family 26 domestic ruling over the year O (280,000 stones, later 3,500,000 stones ). Benshu made a massive construction of Mito castle from the second year of Kanpei (1655). The structure as a castle was almost the same as Mr. Satake &39;s era, Shimonomaru, Honmaru, Ninomaru and Sannomaru were placed from the east, and the center of Mito castle was Ninomaru. In addition, Sannomaru was divided into three districts in the north, the middle and the south, and the divinities residence was lining up the grave, but the lord of the ninth generation lord Masaaki lived in Tenpo twelve years (184 -), in the land of Naka Sannomaru From the construction of Hirokado, a clan school, the central area of ​​educational studies was formed. Currently, the designated areas of historic sites of Mito Castle Ruins are three places of Honjo Musashi and Earth Base (Mitoichi Mito), Otemon Masumi and Earth Base (Ibaraki Small, Mito Sannaka) . <Old Mito Castle Sannomaru Karibori trace> This Karibori trace in the west side of Mitomaru has an important role to compartmentalize the castle and town districts in the Mito castle outer moat created by excavating the plateaus, As you can see, it was Koribori. In addition, the walls of Mito castle were entirely earthworks and earth moats, and stone walls were not constructed. However, at the time of Ieyasu and Three Generals Shogun&39;s light, the life of construction of Ishigaki was done twice and some stone materials were prepared, but it is said that they did not see realization. The remains of Karibori in the western side of Sannomaru is a valuable historic site reminiscent of Mito Castle in the future, and the coloring of the yellow ginkgo of spring and autumn is a splendid place. Ibaraki Prefecture Ibaraki Prefecture Board of Education

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auto-translate Tokorozono(基地和护城河)位置水户市山之丸1丁目指定日期月12月24日昭和42号这个地方是在老水户城堡Mitomaru的西端建造的空山的地方。水户城的历史始于高原东端的建筑物(Yakata),其中Boba Kojiro的首都东部和西部长,在平安时代末期的镰仓早期。在此之后,在室町中期的永恒年份,川上城堡的江户冢攻击巴巴馆(水户城堡),成为城堡的主人,江户的水户城堡统治持续了160多年。然而,在12月Temari 18年(1月15日)的战国时期结束时,Hitotauta Otada先生Satake先生或Mito Castle遭到突袭袭击,次年Yoshinori Satake进入城市,Mito Castle是Satake先生的统治去时代。 Yoshinobu促进了城堡的改善,包括下山东端的Shimonomaru,上层露台的Honmaru,护城河对面的Ninomaru,西侧的Guo Sannomaru,但是Keicho关原的第5年(1600年)战役,因为我没有参加德川家康,所以在Keicho的第7年,我被命令将国家改为秋田,Satake先生12年来统治了Mito Castle我告诉过你在丰臣沦陷后,德川家康强调水户作为东北大名知名者的支持者,首先拍摄了第五个儿子武田新记,然后十名男性德川乞丐(Yoshinobu)被封,但是第14年的京王(16岁)在水户山,第十一个人德川Shobo成为城堡所有者,直到明治时代开始,德川美里家族26年内国家统治O(280,000块石头,后来3,500,000块石头) )成为中心。从Kanpei(1655年)的第二年开始,Benshu大规模建造了Mito城堡。作为城堡的结构几乎与Satake先生的时代相同,Shimonomaru,Honmaru,Ninomaru和Sannomaru从东面放置,Mito城堡的中心是Ninomaru。此外,Sannomaru在北部,中部和南部被分为三个区,并且神圣住所正在坟墓中排列,但是第九代领主Masaaki的领主住在Tenpo十二年(184 - ),在Naka Sannomaru的土地上从家族学校Hirokado的建设,形成了教育研究的中心区域。目前,水户城遗址的历史遗迹的指定区域是本庄武藏和地球基地(Mitoichi Mito),Otemon Masumi和地球基地(Ibaraki Small,Mito Sannaka)的三个地方它已成为。 <老水户城堡Sannomaru Karibori追踪>在Mitomaru西侧的这条Karibori痕迹对于挖掘高原所产生的Mito城堡外护城河的城堡和城镇区域具有重要作用,如你所见,这是Koribori。此外,水户城堡的墙壁完全是土方工程和泥土护城河,并没有建造石墙。然而,在Ieyasu和三将军幕府将军的光明之时,石垣的建造生活已经完成了两次,并准备了一些石材,但据说他们没有看到实现。 Sannomaru西侧的Karibori遗址是一个珍贵的历史遗迹,让人想起未来的水户城,春天和秋天的黄色银杏的着色是一个绝佳的地方。茨城县茨城县教育委员会


所在地 水戸市三の丸1丁目
指定年月日 昭和四十二年十二月二十四日

 この場所は、旧水戸城 三之丸 の西端に造られた空堀の跡で
ある。 水戸城の歴史は、平安 末期から鎌倉 初期の頃に、
馬場小次郎資幹 が東西に長い台地の東端に館(たち・やかた)を築いた
ことに始まる。その後、室町 中期の応永 年間頃に、河和田城江戸通房
馬場館 (水戸城)を襲撃して城主となり、百六十余年間にわたっ
て江戸氏の水戸城支配が続いた。しかし、戦国末期天正 十八年
(一五九〇)十二月に常陸太田佐竹氏 か水戸城を急襲攻略、翌年
三月に佐竹義宣 が入城して、水戸城は、佐竹氏支配の時代へと移る。
ていったが、慶長 五年(一六〇〇)の関ヶ原合戦 に際し、徳川家康
豊臣氏 没落後、東北諸大名の押さえとして水戸 を重視した徳川家康
によって、まず五男武田信吉 が、次いで十男徳川頼将 (頼宣)が封
ぜられたが、慶長 十四年(一六〇九)に十一男の徳川頼房城主
なるに及んで、水戸城は、明治初年まで水戸徳川家二六O 余年間の
 頼房は、寛永 二年(一六二五)頃から水戸城の大修築を行った。
ていたが、九代藩主斉昭 が天保十二年(一八四 -)に、中三之丸の
地に藩校弘道館 を建設したことから、文教学問の中心地区が形成さ
れた。現在、水戸城跡の史跡指定区域は、本城桝形 及び土塁 (水戸
< 旧水戸城三之丸空堀 跡 >
将軍家光 の頃に、二度ほど石垣構築の命が出され、一部石材の準備



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