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auto-translate History of the Hiyoshi Shrine History The construction of the Hiyoshi Shrine is very old and according to legend it is said that Sakagutadamura Maro of the Emperor Kanmu Emperor, the Emperor &39;s fifty - second generation (797) In the case of downwards, we will stand as the guardian god of Hiezan Enryakuji temple. Since it was able to petition the Ogami of Sanno&39;s authority Hiyoshi, I thanked the virtue and reportedly ritualized the village Sanwa field. According to the literature which is the God of Oyama Kami which is also mentioned in the Kojiki, the Ogin god is also able to read its oldness by the Eppen published about one hundred and fifty years ago, then the transition of the era and the Nitto spinning Along with the extension of the stock company, in the former temple that was transferred to your present location, the Akiba Shrine recommended by the company was celebrated and the big trees of the cedar and the public descendants still exist and have remained their remnants, Showa 69th Shogunya Shinto shrine annual event which has undergone a major rehabilitation of the main shrine in the 5th anniversary and has reached the present day 1 New Year&39;s Day Festival 1 Entrance Festival - Example Large Festival 1 Summer Experience Festival 1 July - 3 - th Festival November Heisei celebration commemoration established

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auto-translate 日吉神社的历史历史日吉神社的建筑非常古老,根据传说,皇帝的第五十二代(797)皇帝坎武皇帝的Sakagutadamura Maro在向下的情况下,我们将作为Hiezan Enryakuji寺的守护神。由于它能够请求Sanno的权威日吉的Ogami,我感谢这种美德,并据说仪式化了Sanwa村。根据Kojiki中也提到的Oyama Kami之神的文献,Ogin神也能够通过大约一百五十年前出版的Eppen读取它的故乡,然后是时代的转变和Nitto纺纱随着股份公司的扩建,在前寺庙被转移到你现在的位置,公司推荐的秋叶神社被庆祝,雪松和公共后裔的大树仍然存在并且仍然是他们的残余,昭和69幕府在5周年纪念日经历了主要神社的重大修复的神社神社年度活动到现在1元旦节1入口节 - 例子大型节日1夏季体验节7月1日〜3日节11月平成庆祝纪念活动成立

よると、人皇第五十代桓武天皇 の御代延暦
十六年(# 797年)坂上田村麻呂
征夷大将軍 として東夷鎮定のため下向の際
比叡山延暦寺 の守神として鎮座まします。
山王権現日吉の大神に願をかけ平定することができたので、その神徳に報謝し当村山王田に祭祀したと伝えられている。御祭神は古事記にも記されている大山咋の神 である
文献によると約百五十年前に出された邑鑑 によっても、その古さを読みとることができる、その後時代の変遷と日東紡績株式會社 の伸展にともない、現在地に遷宮された旧境内には同社が勧請した秋葉神社 が祭られ今な
一 元旦祭
一 入学祭
ー 例大祭
一 夏越祭
一 七五三祭


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