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auto-translate Volume Ishigaki Chidorigafuchi When viewing the direction of the Budokan from the green road, the moat and the castle base are reflected in the foreground. This castle base is an unusual structure of the upper, middle and lower three levels where the doors are judged, which is colored by the flowers and lawns of the seasons, in the middle of the stone walls above and below. The top stone wall is called "a stone walled stone wall" from the appearance as though it is a headband. Such constructions are also seen in other Hanzomoni, Sakurada dugongs, Ushigafuchi etc. Moreover, it seems that there is a similar thing also in some stone walls of Hikone castle in the distance. The waist stone wall of Chidorigafuchi is an elaborate construction that combines carefully the shape, surface and size of the stone, and it is elaborate construction, and the stone and the stone are built so that there is almost no gap between the stone and the front as seen from the front . In addition, under the water surface, the same construction as water is seen, and under it there is also a very sturdy construction such as a large stone called the base is placed. Because of such reasonable and rigorous construction under the guidance of professional craftworkers with traditional, excellent secret technology, this castle base is the number in the earthquake kingdom Japan until today It can be said that it has endured 100 years. Incidentally, it seems that the lawn bank in the middle is said to be "bellybird Doi", and the castle base of the Kitanomaru, a three-tier structure is conveyed from the top, from the top, the headband, the belly band, and the waistband in a way that is quite understandable and familiar It has come. --- Chidoriguchi Nippon Budokan Ishigaki

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auto-translate 卷石垣Chidorigafuchi从绿色的道路观看武道馆的方向时,护城河和城堡基地在前景中反映出来。这座城堡基座是一个不同寻常的上层,中层和下层三层结构,在这里,上面和下面的石墙中间,用鲜花和四季草坪来判断门的颜色。顶部的石墙从外观上称为“石墙石墙”,就好像它是头带一样。在其他的Hanzomoni,Sakurada儒艮,Ushigafuchi等也可以看到这样的结构。而且,在远处的彦根城的一些石墙上似乎也有类似的东西。 Chidorigafuchi的腰部石墙是精心构造的结构,仔细地结合了石头的形状,表面和大小,并且是精心制作的结构,并且石头和石头被建造使得从正面看到的石头和正面之间几乎没有间隙。另外,在水面下,可以看到与水相同的结构,并且在其下面还有非常坚固的结构,例如被称为基座的大石头。由于在专业工匠的指导下采用传统,优秀的秘密技术进行如此合理和严谨的建设,这座城堡基地是日本地震王国至今的数字可以说它已经忍受了100年。顺便说一下,似乎中间的草坪岸被称为“肚脐Doi”,而Kitanomaru的城堡基地,从顶部,顶部,头带,腹带和腰带以一种非常容易理解和熟悉的方式传达它来了。 --- Chidoriguchi Nippon Budokan Ishigaki





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