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auto-translate Tokai road mizuguchi
Hotel is opened the way by mizuguchi, developed by the way.
This area from ancient times to Dongguk or street road to ISE, Californians like was in frequent 繫 has opened as the Shinjuku Mura in the Muromachi period shoguns ISE Sangu closed nights has as, is also in market place.
But able to base the town lead to the current 0/1585 ( 1585 ) Hideyoshi ordered the vassals to of Nakamura Castle (mizuguchi Okayama Castle) That have established.
At this village at the foot of the Castle, City Foundation was formed in 15, between the Lords third.
Mizuguchi ( 1601 ), 0/1601 of the Sekigahara battle next year began development of the transportation system he establish Tokai Road station to specify that key towns and villages, backhaul provides rapid transportation of the 公用人 horse, even district was designated at this station and walked as the Tokaido road fiftieth post town until the early Meiji period. Traffic system purpose was to transport official cargo customer, but gradually aimed one-way transport of general cargo, or mountain and visit ordinary people became active, Inn and merchant town will very much bustling, its streets East and West 2 km too had.
Road branched off into three streaks of the eastern town of forms is particularly unusual.
Minakuchi-Juku, mishuku in Koka County's largest, according to the records of the 0/1843 ( 1843 ) home number 692 ( of Hatagoya 41 ) counted other small but mizuguchi clan Samurai, accounted for itself as a center of kōka district, Shiga. Affected by such developments, prominent writers stay, in Kyoho minakuchi shrine festivals hikiyama circumambulation as now.
Also known thousand gourd Hiroshige Ukiyo-e also known as a specialty of the town at the time, GE crafted, pipe and Loach soup etc.

Furthermore, this monumental place is the trace of the Honjin at that time.

"ISE Sangu meisho Zue" (Kansei 9 years) than Minakuchi-Cho

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auto-translate 东海路 mizuguchi

酒店是由 mizuguchi,顺便发展开辟了道路。
这一领域从远古时代到金容或本校的街路,像加州在频繁去开辟如 Shinjuku Mura 在室町时期幕府伊势三姑夜关闭了因为在市场上也是。
但能够根据当前的 0/1585年 1585年) 镇导致丰臣秀吉下令属于中村裕子城堡 (mizuguchi 冈山城)
已确立。在这个村子里的城堡脚下,市基金会成立 15 上, 议院之间第三。
Mizuguchi 1601年),0/1601 的关原战场明年开始他建立东海路站来指定关键的城镇和村庄,回程提供快速运输的公用人马,甚至区被指定在此站和作为五十邮政镇东海路走直到明治初期的交通系统的发展。
交通系统目的运输正式货物的客户,但逐渐目的单向运输一般货物或山和参观普通民众变得活跃,酒店和商业城将非常繁华,东、 西 2 公里也有它的街道。路分支成三条纹的东部小镇的形式是特别不寻常。
水口补习,见宿 Koka 县最大的根据 0/1843年 1843年) 家的电话号码 692 Hatagoya 41) 的记录计数其他小但 mizuguchi 族武士,占本身作为中心的 kōka 区,滋贺县。
受这种事态发展,著名作家留下来,在巨峰水口神社节日肥喜山朝圣和现在一样。当时,GE 精雕细琢,管道和泥鳅汤等也知道一千个葫芦浮世绘广茂也被称为该城的特产。

"伊势三姑名李雪所"(感性 9 年) 比



 関ケ原合戦 の翌年の慶長六年(一六〇一)、交通体系の整備に取りかかった徳川氏は、東海道を整備しその要所の町や集落を宿駅に指定、公用人馬の迅速な輸送に備えましたが、直轄地でもあった水口はこの時宿駅に指定され、明治初年まで東海道五十番目の宿場町として歩みました。
 このような発展を受けて、著名文人の滞在があったり、享保年間には水口神社の祭礼に曳山が巡行するようになりました。また当時の宿場の名物として、広重 の浮世絵でも知られる千瓢・葛細工・煙管・泥鰌汁等が知られています。




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