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auto-translate Masahashi (Red brick warehouse Yokohama Fukui prefecture Tsuruga shi Kanegasaki cho 4) Tsuruga bay in early Showa era (around the 19th century) These stones are the columns of the railings that were attached to the Taisho bridge. Taisho Bridge is a bridge spanning the Ekura River that used to flow through this past, was built in 1913, and in 1996, with the maintenance of the Lingang Road, the landfill of the Ekura River I have finished that role. In order to improve the function as an international port after the designation of the opening port (foreign trade port) in 1899 and the designation of the 1st kind important port in 1907, Tsuruga Port was established in Meiji 42 (1909 ) To the Taisho 2nd (1913), the first period port construction work was done. As a result, the railroad extended to this pier and the pier that was maintained, Western-style buildings such as customs and merchant shipping companies were arranged alongside the Kanegasaki station, which is the base for arrival and departure to the continent. At the same time, the sandy beach of this neighborhood was landfilled from the mouth of the Children&39;s River in the west, a modern bridge was built on the Yakura River. This is Taisho Bridge. Until then it seemed that he had crossed the river in addition to the board that straddled the pile, but by changing to a modern harbor it made a breakthrough and became one of Tsuruga attractions. At that time, staring close to the balustrace of the Taisho Bridge, saying that it was fashionable to take a commemorative photo with Kanegasaki&39;s modern building as a backstage. Taisho Bridge was 36 feet long (about 11 m) long and 42 feet wide (about 13 m) wide, with a 24 foot wide roadway on the center and a 9 foot wide sidewalk on the left and right. The structure was reinforced concrete and stone, the lower part had an arch like structure. It was designed to withstand a load of 250 pounds (about 113 kg) per square foot (about 0.09 m). The balustrade is made of granite, and its strut is shaped like a deca stone on the direction pillar. Many parts were lost due to the removal of the bridge, but in order to commemorate Taisho Bridge as a modernization heritage that supported a part of Tsuruga Port prosperity, we will save some of the stone left here. Heisei era April 2003 Legnan Promotion Bureau, Fukui Prefecture Tsuruga Port Office Tsuruga City Board of Education

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auto-translate Masahashi(红砖仓库横滨福井县敦贺市金崎町4)昭和初期的敦贺湾(19世纪左右)这些石头是连接到大正桥的栏杆的柱子。大正桥是一座横跨过去流经的以库河的桥梁,始建于1913年,1996年由临沧路维护,Ekura河的垃圾填埋场我完成了那个角色。为了在1899年指定开放港口(外贸港口)和1907年指定第一类重要港口之后改善国际港口的功能,敦贺港在明治42年(1909年)成立)到大正二年(1913),第一期港口建设工作完成。因此,延伸到这个码头的铁路和维修的码头,海关和商船公司等西式建筑与作为抵达和离开大陆的基地的金崎站一起排列。与此同时,这个社区的沙滩从西面的儿童河口进行填埋,在雅仓河上建造了一座现代化的桥梁。这是大正桥。在此之前,除了跨过这个桩的板子之外,他似乎还穿过了河流,但是通过改变成现代化的港口,它突破了它,成为了敦贺的一个景点。当时,盯着大正桥的驿道,说与金崎的现代建筑作为后台拍纪念照是很时髦的。大正桥长36英尺(约11米),宽42英尺(约13米),中央有24英尺宽的巷道,左右有9英尺宽的人行道。结构是钢筋混凝土和石头,下部有拱形结构。它被设计成可以承受每平方英尺(大约0.09米)250磅(约113千克)的负载。栏杆由花岗岩制成,其支柱在方向柱上呈十字形。由于拆除了桥梁,许多部件都丢失了,但为了纪念大正桥作为支持敦贺港繁荣的一部分的现代化遗产,我们将在这里留下一些石头。平成时代2003年4月福井县莱格南推进局敦贺港务局敦贺市教育委员会

大正橋 (赤レンガ倉庫 横 福井県敦賀市金ケ崎町4)

図:昭和初期の敦賀湾 (昭和8年頃)

これらの石材 は、大正橋 に取り付けられていた欄干支柱 です。
大正橋とは、かつてこの前を流れていた目倉川 に架かっていた
敦賀港 は、明治32年(1899)の開港場 (外国貿易港 )指定、明治
40年(1907)の第1種重要港湾 指定を経て、国際港 としての機能
この埠頭桟橋 まで鉄道 が伸び、大陸 への発着の拠点となる金ヶ崎
駅のほか、税関商船会社 など洋風 の建物が建ち並びました。
同時に、西方の児屋ノ川 河口からこの附近一帯の砂浜 が埋め立て


平成 15 年 4月


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大正橋 赤レンガ倉庫 福井県敦賀市金ケ崎町4


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