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auto-translate Higashiyama way road of Tono Kodo ancient tōsandō of is around since ancient times, was at an important traffic route in the region, but throughout the country, and among them, some was especially Yamato Government forces for the extremely high use value way.

In which it is chosen and becomes the official road.
The role of the road One on the road 30-RI (approximately 16 Km) per to that station.
However, depend on the terrain aquatic plants in this as long as it is not.
That the two station stationmaster.
3 station always horses, horse at each station ōji is 20 2, Zhong Road, alley is 5 2 10 2's.
Besides the four station horse tenma to the five counties each
That ship four ships the following five oceans and rivers, etc.
Such as various rules can be seen.

You can see by this official channel at some distance station established in certain number of horses, was subjected to official.
Tōsandō kitasaku-gun Tōsandō-Saku-gun, though in komoro-Shi. Terms in the Northwest of the urban area are known shall be well rich Shimizu.
The forward, standing stone monument indicating the Shimizu station site, assuming ikkaku said behind the dilapidated Temple mark Shimizu station per region is considered station ruins. And place names for the Imperial Palace at the height of small town North komoro city birthplace and tell the tōsandō South 古宿 attended seems to be. Then Street fujitsuka stones pass through the Miyota kitasaku-gun entered, followed oiwake Karuizawa-Cho kitasaku-gun Shiono Qing million through. This way run along the straight line from East to West, said at the Miyota-komoro, cadastral, will pave the way so all may say inigation community has become. Especially in komoro, fujitsuka, Hiraoka, maebashi, shimobayashi orthography along the route elongated, is also telling the Higashiyama Road Trail and our latest couples stone near alley. You can assume most powerful route in Saku tōsandō along this route from these situations.
(According to one edition of Vol, Nagano Prefecture history history primitive ancient) Figure ) Higashiyama way Shinano country map

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auto-translate 东山路道路的陶
高堂的古代 tōsandō 从古至今,周围是当时在该地区,但全国各地,重要的交通路线,其中,一些尤其是大和政府力量的极高的使用价值的方式。在其中,它选择,并且成为官道。

一个道路 30 ri (大约 16 公里) 每到那一站。然而,依靠地形水生植物在这,只要它不是。
3 总是站马、 马在每个站 ōji 是中路 20 2、 小巷是 5 2 10 2 的。

Tōsandō 北佐久郡
Tōsandō 佐久郡,虽然在 komoro 石。市区西北的条款已知应好丰富的清水。向前,站着石头纪念碑指示清水站址,假设 ikkaku 说背后破败的寺庙标记每个区域的清水站被认为是站遗址。
地名为故宫在小镇北部 komoro 市发源地的高度和南告诉 tōsandō 古宿出席了似乎是。然后通过 Miyota 北佐久郡进入,随后追分轻井泽町北佐久郡街藤冢石头汐野清万通过。这种方式,从东到西,沿直线运行在 Miyota komoro、 地籍、 说将铺平道路所以所有可以说壤社区已成为。特别是在 komoro,藤冢,平冈、 前桥、 shimobayashi 拼写法沿线拉长,也告诉东山路步道和我们最新夫妇附近巷子里的石头。你可以假设佐久 tōsandō 沿这条路线从这些场景最强大路线。(根据卷,长野县历史历史原始古老的一版)
图) 东山路信浓国家地图

 古東山道のような古道 は、古くから各地にあり、その地方における重要な交通路であったが、全国的に見ると、そのなかに、とくに大和政権 の勢力拡大のために、利用価値のきわめて高い道筋がいくつかあった。それが選ばれて「官道」となるのである。

一 官道には三〇里(およそ一六Km)ごとに をおくこと。ただし、地勢水草の有無によってはこのかぎりではない。
二 駅には駅長をおくこと。
三 駅には馬を常備し、馬は駅ごとに大路は二〇疋、中路は十疋、小路は5疋とすること。
四 駅馬のほかに伝馬を郡ごとに五疋おくこと。
五 海や大河などには船を四隻以下おくこと。



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