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auto-translate Lunch Otsuka Kofun Historical Park (Historic site lunch Otsuka tomb) Hirui-Otsuka Tumulus Historical Park ● Location: Ogaki-shi lunch town Otsuka | ● Designated date: September 6, 2000 ● Designated area: 12,641, The size of the mound: about 150 m in length, about 99 m in the diameter of the rear circle, 13 m in the height, 9.5 m in the front part, about 180 m in length including the mounds lunch The Otsuka Tumulus was built around the end of the 4th century (early middle of the Kofun Period) In the posterior circular tomb, the old tumulus built in this era is the largest tomb in the Tokai region. The structure of the ancient tomb is buried by three distinct burial facilities, the posterior circular part and the anterior part are three stages, the deep circumference mouth, the posterior circle is a pit-type stone room, clay 槨, There are things that are being done. At the top of the rear circle, a clay ring is drawn drawing a circle with a diameter of 20 m, and inside it is a house shape, a shield shape, a lid shape, a tough shape, a gastronomy type haniwa ring, and furthermore, a tiny stone It was revealed that various rituals were done after the burial, with balls, small potteries (high cups / pots), grated pottery, and soil products imitating food. In response to the results of the excavation survey, the burial mounds carried out conservation and maintenance work over the four years from FY 2009, restored the sharp mounds with a new embankment, restored the stone stone and the clay ring as part of the restoration zone . In the first row of the restoration zone, as a place to continue to have relations with the ancient tomb, we will do work such as arranging the clay rings and rock stones while receiving the cooperation of the citizens. 【Contact】 Ogaki City Board of Education Culture Promotion Division Ogaki City Planning Division Urban Facility Section TE. 0584-81-4111

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auto-translate 午餐大冢科文历史公园(历史遗迹午餐大冢墓)Hirui-Otsuka Tumulus历史公园●地点:大垣市午餐小镇大冢|●指定日期:2000年9月6日●指定范围:12,641,大冢的大小:长约150米,后圆直径约99米,高13米,前部9.5米,包括土堆午餐在内的长约180米大冢古坟始建于公元四世纪末(科孚时代中期)在后圆形墓中,这个时代建造的古墓是东海地区最大的陵墓。古墓的结构由三种不同的埋葬设施掩埋,后部圆形部分和前部分为三个阶段,深圆口,后圆为坑式石房,粘土椁,有些事情正在完成。在后方圆圈的顶部,绘制了一个直径为20米的圆环,内部是一个房屋形状,一个盾形,一个盖形,一个坚硬的形状,一个美食型的haniwa环,此外还有一块小石头据透露,葬礼后进行了各种仪式,有球,小陶器(高杯/盆),磨碎的陶器和模仿食物的土壤制品。根据挖掘调查的结果,坟堆从2009财政年度开始进行了四年的保护和维护工作,用新的堤防修复了陡峭的丘陵,恢复了石块和粘土圈作为恢复区的一部分。在恢复区的第一排,作为继续与古墓关系的地方,我们将在接受市民合作的同时做好安排泥土和石块等工作。 【咨询处】大垣市教育委员会文化振兴课大垣市城市计划课城市设施课TE。0584-81-4111

Hirui-Otsuka Tumulus Historical Park
●所 在 地:大垣市昼飯町字大塚 |
 昼飯大塚古墳は、4世紀末頃(古墳時代中期初頭)につくられた前方後円墳 で、この時代に築かれた古墳としては、東海地方では最大級となる古墳です。
 古墳の構造は、後円部と前方部がともに三段であることや、深い周濠がめぐること、後円部に竪穴式石室粘土槨木棺直葬 という三つの異なる埋葬施設が埋められていることなどがあります。
 古墳は発掘調査の成果を受けて、平成21年度から4ヶ年をかけて保存整備工事をおこない、削られた墳丘は新たな盛土で修復し、一部を復元ゾーンとして葺石埴輪 を復元しました。復元ゾーンの1段目では、これからも古墳との関わりをもち続ける場として、市民のみなさんのご協力をいただきながら埴輪を並べたり、葺石を葺くなどの作業をおこなうところであります。
大垣市教育委員会 文化振興課
大垣市都市計画部 都市施設課
TE. 0584-81-4111


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