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auto-translate After the establishment of the Edo Shogunate, Mino Nakasendo and Milestones ridge Nakasendo were counted as one of the five roads alongside the Tokaido, Nikko Kaido and Oshu Kaido. Running in the middle part of Japan, this Nakasendo road runs from Tarui to Ogaki through Mt. Minakata, Mino Road headed for Nagoya, from the Sekigahara to Nagahama Highway, from Sekigahara to Makuda, Takara, Ise Highway to Kuwana Highway, and many other side roads By the table between Japan and the back Japan, there was something of importance from the political and military point of view. Also, in addition to the use of Nikko soup in tea jugo way, it is also the way used downwards, especially when the Princess Wombards who got married to Tokugawa Iemae, the 14th generation of the Edo shogunate, went down. On the other hand, the milestones in the Yanase ground in Milestones built at the end of the Edo Nihonbashi starting from the end of the 36th town (about 4 KM) was now the milestone of travelers who are in the vicinity of the current Hirano Ikawa and Yanase Bashi It was.

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auto-translate 江户幕府成立后,美浓Nakasendo和里程碑岭Nakasendo被视为与东海道,日光Kaido和奥州Kaido并列的五条道路之一。这条Nakasendo路在日本中部经过,从Tarui到大垣,从Minakata山,Mino路到名古屋,从关原到长滨高速公路,从关原到Makuda,Takara,Ise高速公路到Kuwana高速公路以及许多其他小路从日本和日本后台的角度来看,从政治和军事的角度来看,这是非常重要的。此外,除了在日式茶壶中使用日光汤以外,这也是向下使用的方式,特别是与江户幕府第十四代德川伊美前结婚的公主翁巴斯王下台时,尤其如此。另一方面,从第36城(约4公里)的末端开始,在江户日本桥的尽头建起的里程碑里的Yanase地里的里程碑现在是目前Hirano Ikawa和Yanase Bashi附近的旅客的里程碑它是。

中山道は江戸幕府成立以後、東海道、日光街道、奥州街道と並んで五街道 の一つに数えられていました。
日本の中央部を走るこの中山道は垂井から大垣、墨俣を経て名古屋へ向う美濃路 、関ヶ原から長浜に至る北国街道 、関ヶ原から牧田、多良、時を経て桑名へ出る伊勢街道 など沢山の脇街道によって表日本と裏日本とを結んでおり、政治上、軍事上からも重要性ははかりしれないものがありました。又、茶壺道中日光例幣使 の他、特に江戸幕府第十四代徳川家茂に降嫁した皇女和宮 の下向の際、使用された道でもあります。


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