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auto-translate Yoshino shrine and hiruko's mainstay

With 0/1656 munafuda (prefecture, monuments) During the Heian period introduction Datong annual 806-810 Temple and atsumemashita revered as Yoshino 18 Township sojya.
Ōta dōkan kawagoe Castle fortification in our shrine to, since the Edo period were asylum as the Tokugawa shogunate retail companies. 0/1624 ( 1624 ) shogunate kawagoe Castle Sakai tadakatsu became a magistrate, started re-emerging in the shogunate leader Suzuki OMI Mamoru head capsule following construction. Afterwards, became magistrate kawagoe Castle Matsudaira nobutsuna 0/1656 ( 1656 ), shogunate by Kihara Yoshihiro h. added renovation.
In shake roof of the shrine, but renewed tile by the shogunate master Kora Wakasa 0/1847 ( 1848 ), 0/1922 further replaced by copper plate. Miyoshi, Kitano Shrine in 権現造 consisting of the main shrine, Dono, haiden, acclaimed roofing shaped copper plate roofing is roofing.
Outside Zhu lacquered colours and the internal axis, Zhu lacquered, fixtures and the ceiling with a black lacquered. Main shrine is a gablet roof of the front, sides, four laps around Green and high column, make the wooden floor in front of the fully connects Dono. Acquired Hall internal splits chancel gejin, the equipment plate karato, between the sides in shitomi detached to pillars between the chancel in front of mimasaka. Is braided in exodus, the only front-facing Dono demitsudo.
In the bei is decorated richly-colored 蟇股. Heiden is a front between the sides began manufacturing the back connects shrine main shrine, front. Braided in demitsudo, while bei external 蟇股, internal between become Doo bunch.
Is internal to wipe them off with planked elementary is a tuple coffered ceiling. Haiden is a gablet roof of the front, sides, connects back to Heiden. Turning green high field in the three-way, fresh side sliding doors in the rear pillar muscle gains kohai of one-span shrines in front of. Braided in demitsudo, while bei external 蟇股 and internal between Doo bunch. Is internal to wipe them off with planked elementary is a tuple coffered ceiling. Kohai in hand with Lu Liang-head took a large Prism, ends with a Pug, coupled it with being completely decorate 蟇股.
On the other side flowering trees decorate the Lantern carved hand pinched.
Miyoshi Kitano Shrine shrine built over is a little complicated.
DW 0/1624 ( 1624 ) construction is more marked with Yoshino Tenjin Engi emaki ( 1649 ) 0/1649 Matsudaira nobutsuna was dedicated, is drawn there is no Dono irimoya-zukuri style with the Nagare-zukuri shrine hall of worship only in a greatly differs from current DW. Turned out that the after dismantling repairs were conducted from 0/1989 0/1992 to report "Miyoshi Kitano Shrine DW repair work ' according to report, 蟇股 and parts ・special survey is all 蟇股 of total 23 of the main shrine, Heiden and haiden form, rather than from the beginning of indentation from the front of the mounted panels in diagonal nails in a complementary 蟇股. Also from traces in the sanctuary since 0/1624 bi 蟇股 existed (however different and present 蟇股), is the main 蟇股 of building it was also revealed. Considered for current 蟇股 looks the same the entire DW, newly fabricated and installed.
Also, in the procurement of the main shrine and Heiden, Heiden and haiden abated unnatural is mentioned several places so far.
権現造 in the current DW, taking into consideration the above is not from kanei erected originally was formed by adding Dono Shuzo when, kanei erected the original shrine and present main shrine is separate of considered building. Was moved during 0/1656 Shuzo, Dawn Treader Toshogu Shrine in Edo Castle 2, the Heiden and haiden Miyoshi Kitano Shrine outer shrine (Tenjin grku) next to the 0/1872 be moved to hikawa shrine (Miyashita-Cho), has survived as a Yasaka Jinja shrine. No hard evidence, but Yoshino shrine main shrine of the main shrine of the Dawn Treader Toshogu Shrine in Edo Castle 2, was moved to the 0/1656 major renovationEstimate was received expanded Heiden, contact the honden and haiden, now see 権現造 DW. Hiruko shamoto, and Daikoku shamoto, haiden forward, facing Omotesando will sit, face to face. Seen from the shrine, left is Daikoku, hiruko, right.
Companies in the same dimensions, same format, raises the undercounting is placed in front is a pair. Acclaimed roofing shaped copper plate and the roof is sanshogongensha the red, having seen shelf structure. Hiruko shamoto, and Daikoku shamoto, at the little decorative and simple architecture, himself Hall articles not in bei hijiki, wife graced the Rainbow beams 豕 扠 is fired. Eaves also put the boat ancon on just fairly simple furnishings. Assumed ( 1656 ) 0/1656 memorandum of understanding see Yoshino Tenjin intendant aboard sea ' at the end both Woo "is the equivalent of 0/1698 ( 1698 ) ' 0/1698 kawagoe City Mansion, Temple of ' to ' Dou 2 months, our table four Shaku 4 Sun back seven scale nine dimensions ' and does not match the records of the former, and in the fifth dimension.

It seems so back the amount raised in the precincts of the Quaternary 0/1734 ( 1734 ) in those days was rebuilt. 11/1/1955 (3/1992 day add) specifying the kawagoe City Board of education

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auto-translate 吉野神社和产土蛭户的中流砥柱
与 0/1656 munafuda (自治州、 古迹)

在平安时期介绍大同年度 806 810 寺和尊为吉野 18 乡镇 sojya atsumemashita。Ōta dōkan 川城堡设防,我们圣殿里的自江户时代以来被庇护作为德川幕府零售公司。
0/1624 号文件 1624年) 幕府川城堡 Sakai 科长成为裁判官,开始重新出现在铃木 OMI 押头胶囊以下结构幕府处于领先地位。之后,成为了裁判官川城堡 Matsudaira 宣维 0/1656年 1656年),由柝原义 h.幕府添加改造。在摇屋顶的靖国神社,但重新平铺幕府大师科拉孔庙 0/1847年 1848年),0/1922年进一步替换铜板。
主要的靖国神社是前面、 侧面、 绿色环保和高列四个圈的 gablet 屋顶,使前面的木地板完全连接不知道。后天的大厅内部分裂圣坛个旧设备板 karato,双方在 shitomi 分离之间在美作圣坛的支柱。在出埃及记,唯一面向正前方不知道 demitsudo 被编织。在北是装饰华丽彩色蟇股。
海登是在双方之间一条战线开始制造后面连接靖国神社的主祠、 正面。在 demitsudo,而北编织蟇股外部,内部之间成为斗群。内部把它们擦掉与爽快地基本是元组的方格的天花板。
海登是一个 gablet 的前面,侧面的屋顶,连接回到海登。转动绿色高场的三通的、 新鲜的一面滑动门在后方支柱肌肉获得其他的单跨圣地的前面的后辈。在 demitsudo,而北外部蟇股与内部之间斗群编织。内部把它们擦掉与爽快地基本是元组的方格的天花板。陆梁头手里其他的后辈随身带了大量棱镜,两端与帕格,加上它完全被装饰蟇股。在另一边开花树木装饰雕刻手捏的灯笼。
DW 0/1624 号文件 1624年) 建设更标示着吉野天神工程师编舞 1649年) 0/1649年绘制的 Matsudaira 宣纲专用的那是没有不知道 irimoya 的神社建筑史风格与永礼神社建筑史祠堂的崇拜只在大大有别于当前数据仓库。
原来后拆解维修进行从 0/1989年 0/1992 年至报告"三好北野武神社 DW 修理工作 ' 根据报告,蟇股和部分 ・ 特殊调查是所有蟇股的总 23 主祠、 海登和海登窗体,而不是缩进从前面的安装面板中对角从头钉互补的蟇股。同样来自痕迹在圣所中由于 0/1624 bi 蟇股存在 (然而不同和目前的蟇股),是构建它的主要蟇股同时透露。认为当前的蟇股看起来相同整个数据仓库,新近制作和安装。在采购主要神社和海登,海登和减弱的海登不自然也提到几个地方为止。
感动在 0/1656年修造,黎明踏浪号家康江户城堡 2,海登和海登三好北野武神社外的神殿 (天神 grku) 0/1872年旁边会期间搬到冰川神社 (宫下 Cho),经受住了作为八坂神社。没有确凿的证据,吉野神社主要神社主要圣殿的黎明踏浪号家康在江户城堡第 2,但被移到 0/1656年大修估计收到扩大海登,联系特殊和海登,现在看看権現造数据仓库。
产土蛭户 shamoto 和 Daikoku shamoto,海登提出,面对表参道会,面对面坐着。从靖国神社看,留下的是 Daikoku,产土蛭户,右。公司在相同的尺寸,相同的格式,提出了低估放在前面是一对。
广受赞誉的屋顶形铜中厚板和屋顶是 sanshogongensha 红色,见过架结构。产土蛭户 shamoto 和 Daikoku shamoto,在小装饰和简单的建筑,自己不在北 hijiki 大厅文章妻子增光豕扠发射彩虹梁。屋檐下也把船肘放在只是相当简单的摆设。假设 1656年) 0/1656年项谅解备忘录看到吉野天神管理员搭乘海 '在结束了两个宇"0/1698年 1698年) 相当于' 0/1698年川越市豪宅,寺 '到' 斗 2 个月、 四个释 4 太阳回来我们表七规模九个维度和不匹配的记录前,并在第五维度。看来回在那些日子里在第四纪的 0/1734年 1734年) 选区的善款被重建。

1955/11/1 (3/1992年天添加) 指定川越市教育局


 平安時代のはじめ大同年間(八〇六~八一〇)の創建と伝え、三芳野十八郷の惣社として崇敬をあつめました。太田道灌川越城 築城にあたって当社を鎮守とし、江戸時代以降は徳川幕府 直営の社として庇護を受けました。
 寛永元年(一六二四)幕府の命をうけて川越城主酒井忠勝 が奉行となり再興に着手、幕府棟梁鈴木近江守長次が造営にあたりました。その後、明暦二年(一六五六)川越城主松平伊豆守信綱 が奉行となり、幕府棟梁木原義久が改修を加えました。社殿の屋根はこけら葺でしたが、弘化四年(一八四八)幕府棟梁甲良若狭により瓦葺に改められ、さらに大正十一年銅板葺に改められました。
 三芳野神社 社殿は本殿、幣殿、拝殿からなる権現造で、屋根はこけら葺形の銅板葺です。外部は朱漆塗を基調とし、内部は軸部を朱漆塗、建具と天井を黒漆塗とします。
 明暦二年の修造時には、江戸城二の丸東照宮 が移築され、その幣殿と拝殿が三芳野神社の外宮(天神外宮)となり、明治五年に氷川 神社境内(宮下町)に移され、八坂神社 社殿として現存しています。確証はありませんが、現在の三芳野神社本殿は江戸城二の丸東照宮の本殿であり、明暦二年に移築され大改修を受け、幣殿を増設し、本殿と拝殿を連絡して現在見るような権現造社殿となったと推定されます。
 朱塗の一間社流造、見世棚造で、屋根はこけら葺形の銅板葺とします。蛭子社本殿と大黒社本殿は、ほとんど装飾のない簡素な建築で、身舎組物は舟肘木で中備はなく、妻飾は虹梁豕扠首です。庇も柱上に舟肘木を置くだけで、いたって簡素なつくりになっています。明暦二年(一六五六)の「三芳野天神別当乗海覚書」に「末社両宇」とあるのが相当すると思われ、元禄十一年(一六九八)の「元禄十一年川越市街屋敷社寺記」に「末社貮ヶ所共 表四尺四寸 奥七尺九寸」とあって、寸五分であり、元禄の記録と一致しません。蛭子社に掲げられた額の背面に享保十九年(一七三四)の年紀があるので、その頃再建されたものと思われます。

昭和三十年十一月一日(平成四年三月一日追加)指定 川越市教育委員会


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