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Mitsubishi Ichigokan was the first office building in the Marunouchi business district of central Tokyo. Completed in 1894, it was designed by the English architect Josiah Conder, often known as the father of modern Japanese architecture. It was a three-story red-brick subdivided office block in the Queen Anne style popular in Victorian England.  
In the Marunouchi district, Mitsubishi Ichigokan was rapidly followed by the construction of other brick office buildings, and the resulting cityscape became affectionately known as "Itcho London" (One-mile London).
Unfortunately,in the wave of economic growth following World War ll.the red-brick architecture of the Marunouchi district was gradually supplanted by modern office towers, and Mitsubishi Ichigokan was demolished in 1968, seventy-four years after its original construction.
In 2009, forty-one years after its demolition, Mitsubishi Ichigokan has been reconstructed on its original site, in a manner as faithful as possible to its original design. Today, Mitsubishi Ichigokan serves as an art museum and educational center for the history and culture of the Marunouchi district.

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auto-translate itsubishi Ichigokan 是在东京市中心的丸之内商务区第一的办公楼。1894 年竣工,它是由英国建筑师约西亚孔德尔,常被称为现代日本建筑之父设计。它是三层红砖细分流行在维多利亚时代的英国的安妮女王风格的办公大楼。
丸内区,三菱 Ichigokan 接踵而来的其他砖办公大楼的建设和由此产生的城市景观变得亲切地称为"Itcho 伦敦"(一英里)。
不幸的是,在经济增长的浪潮中后世界战争 ll.the 红砖建筑的丸之内区才逐渐被现代办公大楼,取代和三菱 Ichigokan 被拆除在 1968 年,七十四年后其原有的施工。
2009 年,四十一年后其拆除,三菱 Ichigokan 已重新构建在其原始网站上,以尽可能忠于其原始设计的方式。今天,三菱 Ichigokan 作为艺术博物馆和教育中心的历史和文化的丸之内区。


三菱一号館は1894(明治27)年に竣工した丸の内で最初のオフィスビルです。日本の近代建築の父と言われたイギリス人建築家ジョサイア・コンドルによる設計です。三菱 一号館は棟割長屋形式の、イギリスヴィクトリア時代におけるクイーンアンスタイルの煉瓦組積造3階建ての建物でした。
しかし、戦後の高度経済成長のなか、丸の内の赤煉瓦 建築は次々と近代的名オフィスビルに建て替えられ、三菱一号館も竣工から74年後の1968(昭和43)年に解体されました。



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