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auto-translate Shirakawa city designated natural treasure Otome cherry tree designated date January 18th location January 18th location Shirakawa-shi Kaneyacho Size Height approx. 13 m Around the trunk About 4 m old It is estimated to be about 400 years old It measures about 13 m in height, about 4 m around the trunk. Flowers are deep pink and petals are beautiful, few in the Shirakawa district, because of cherry blossoms and beautiful cherry blossoms, it is called "Otomi Sakura". During the Edo era, Sendai lord owner Masamune Date (1567 - 1636) sent a cherry blossom seedling to Shogun&39;s Tokugawa shogun, it is said that the priest wanted one of them and planted it in the current place when resting in Shirakawa castle . After that, the Nichiren Buddhism temple, Myoshiji Temple moved to this place in the first year of Ryuho (1741), and has been in the precincts of the same temple since then. It is said that the same kind of cherry blossoms were also planted in Maebashi and Utsunomiya, but only those cherry blossoms are present. Shirakawa City Board of Education

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auto-translate 白川市指定自然宝贝乙女樱花指定日期1月18日地点1月18日地点白川市金子町尺寸身高约13m躯干周围约4m估计约400岁Benishidarezakura,高约13米,躯干周围约4米。花朵深粉红色,花瓣美丽,白川区很少,由于樱花和美丽的樱花,被称为“Otomi Sakura”。在江户时代,仙台市主所有者正宗时代(1567-1636)向幕府将军的德川幕府送来了樱花苗,据说祭司希望其中一人在白川城堡休息时在现在的地方种植。之后,日莲佛寺,明治寺于1741年迁入龙first元年,此后一直在同一个寺庙的地区。据说在前桥和宇都宫也种了同样的樱花,但只有那些樱花。白川市教育委员会

指定年月日 昭和三八年一月一八日
所 在 地 白河市金屋町
大きさ 高さ約一三m 幹回り約四m
 樹齢約四〇〇年と推定されるベニシダレザクラ で、高さは約一三m、幹回り約四mを測ります。花は濃いピンク色で花弁が美しく、白河地方には数少ない、あでやかで美しい桜のため「乙姫桜」と称されています。
 江戸時代、仙台藩主伊達政宗 (# 1567~1636)が徳川将軍家へ桜の苗木を献上する途中、白河城下で休息した際に住職がその内の一本を望み、現在の場所に植えられたと伝えられます。
 その後、寛保元年(# 1741)に日蓮
宗の寺院、妙関寺 がこの地に移転し、以


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