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auto-translate The land of true landing Tenpei Katsuho 5th year (753) Kagami Kanzaka, a high priest Tang of Ryusong, marks the first step of Japan&39;s landing on this land. Kanzaki Kazami is a man of China Yangzhou who is the most prominent high priest of the contemporary who profounded the mystery of the sects as well as medicine The medical book "Kamen secret law" is said to be the scripture of Oriental medicine. It failed five times in Watamiwa, finally became blind, and finally arrived in autumn at the sixth time with a Tangasian ship. Then enter the capital of Nara, set up a goddess at Todaiji, founded Toshodaiji Temple. In spite of religion, he contributed to the rise of industry, architecture, medicine and culture. At the Kannon Memorial Museum, in addition to exhibiting the Kamigami Yamato Supreme statue (replica) and a model of a Tangasian ship, he introduces the great accomplishments of Kanzaku and his life with dioramas and panels.

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auto-translate 真正降落的地方天培胜胜第五年(753)龙松的大祭司加贺美神坂,标志着日本登陆这片土地的第一步。 Kanzaki Kazami是中国扬州的一名男子,他是当代最着名的大祭司,在宗派之谜中也是通过医学而死亡医学书籍“Kanzen秘密法”被认为是东方医学的经典。它在Watamiwa失败了五次,终于失明,终于在第六次秋季以Tangasian船抵达。然后进入奈良的首府,在东大寺设立教堂,创办了东照寺。尽管有宗教信仰,但他为工业,建筑,医学和文化的兴起做出了贡献。在观音纪念博物馆,除了参展上神大和南部雕像(复制品)和坦帕班船的模型外,他还介绍了菅野的伟大成就和他的生活与立体装饰和面板。

 天平勝宝五年(753 年)律宗の唐の高僧鑑真和上 が、日本上陸第一歩をこの地に印す。
 鑑真和上は中国揚州の人で諸宗の奥義を極めた当代随一の高僧で医学にも通し医書「鑑上人秘法」は漢方医の聖典といわれる。日本渡海を5回も失敗し、ついに盲人となり、6回目に遣唐使 船でようやく秋目に着いた。
 そして奈良の都に入り、東大寺 に戒壇を設け、唐招提寺 を創建。宗教はいうに及ばず産業・建築・医薬・文化の興隆に貢献をなした。


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