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auto-translate Plaza cemeteries The first graveyard is the cemetery of the Shingon sect temple "Squared Level" located at Botanzu, and various kinds of stone towers such as the Olympic tower, the non-tower tower, and the treasure tower are left behind in the late medieval period to the modern era It is. The superior tomb of the past soldiers shows a unique shape that combines quarries into a rectangle and is also called a square tomb in the local area. Many of the tombstones are tuff rocks, and some of them are made of Yellow Rock Stone, a yellowish tuff that can be taken near Ikkawa, Ibusuki. In addition, Kansai stone pagodas made from the andesite tuff "Timorrow stone" that can be taken in Wakasa (Fukui Prefecture) have also been confirmed, and these have been confirmed to be remote from the remote sea beyond the sea, against the backdrop of the prosperous sea logistics network surrounding Harbor Boston It is thought to have been brought from the earth. Minami Satsuma City Board of Education

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auto-translate 广场公墓第一座墓地是位于植物园的真言宗“平方层”寺院的墓地,奥林匹克塔,非塔楼和宝塔等各种石塔在中世纪晚期至现代时期被遗留下来它是。过去士兵的上级墓具有独特的形状,将采石场组合成一个长方形,在当地也称为方形墓。许多墓碑是凝灰岩,其中一些是由Yellow Rock Stone制成,这是一种淡黄色的凝灰岩,可以在指宿Ikkawa附近采取。另外,在渥太华(福井县)可以拍摄的安山石凝灰岩“天明石”制成的关西石塔也被证实,远离海边偏远的海洋,以波士顿港湾周边繁荣的海洋物流网络为背景它被认为是从地球上带来的。南萨摩市教育委员会

一乗院 墓地
 一乗院墓地は、坊津 に所在した真言宗 寺院
近世にかけての、五輪塔無縫塔宝篋印塔 などの様々な種類の石塔が残されています。
だ独特の形状を呈し、地元では四角墓 とも呼
 墓石の多くは凝灰岩 で、その中には指宿市山川付近で採れる黄味を帯びた凝灰岩「山川石 」製のものもみられます。
 また、若狭(福井県)で採れる安山岩質凝灰岩「日引石 」製の関西系石塔も確認されており、これらは、港湾坊津を取り巻く海上物流ネットワークの隆盛を背景として、はるばる海を越えて遠隔地からもたらされたものと考えられています。


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