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auto-translate Lotus light temple 794, Temple of the Nichiren sect giving top light mountain and is realizing various tout is ten worlds.
According to bunsei period temples and shrines over wound was 0/1594 ( 1594 ), two countries arrow-in Taicang (current Chuo-ku Higashi Japan bridge), founder, said sources receiving hospital, treasure.
New sensoji temple at the 0/1644 ( 1644 ) ( present original Taito-ku, Asakusa ), communicate the precincts to receive communion and then moved, and GSI yen, of receiving, and Col. Gen bunch, Satoru Hisashi bunch precincts had a prosperous luck Temple, 0/1806 ( 1806 ) in was burnt down by fire, so that detail is not clear.
7/1915 in Asakusa readjustment for moved to its present location. KAIUN daikokuten famous 794 honor commonly called Asakusa new-era place names, commonly known as ' soil daikokuten wealth store ' at least atsumemashita Edo people of faith, said. This pagoda was originally, Nichiren Shonin has reportedly carved by mother myorenji nun gather to pray for. Also, kaiki, treasure kominato 巡錫 folded in the difficult birth of the village headman's daughter, pray for, met helped.
Daikokuten, alcove came to this House, and were once again discovered have rated this, which Edo was enshrined when Lotus light temple was erected, and communicated. Book Temple prospered as hatamoto Temple, Edo period.
The 0/1975 as a memorial monument, Netaji Subhash chandrabose has been erected.
1/1986 Suginami ward Education Board

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auto-translate 莲花光寺 794,给予最轻的山日莲教派的实现各种票贩子十个世界。
悲情时期寺院和神社在伤口上的是 0/1594年 1594年),两国箭头在太仓 (当前中央谷东日本桥),创始人,说来源接收医院,宝藏。
在 0/1644年 1644年) 新的浅草寺目前原始上野,浅草),沟通选区接受圣餐,然后移动,和 GSI 日元,接收和上校根束悟尚志束专用区隆福寺,0/1806年 1806年) 中的火,被烧毁了,这样的细节目前尚不清楚。
浅草调整为 7/1915 年搬到现址。
海运公司 daikokuten 著名 794 荣誉通常被称为浅草新时代地名,俗称为 '土 daikokuten 财富商店' 至少 atsumemashita 江户人的信念,说。这座宝塔最初由母亲附近修女聚集,祈求据说刻有日莲圣人。此外,卡其,宝小凑巡錫折叠的村长的女儿难产祈祷因为遇见了帮助。Daikokuten,凹来到这幢房子,并再一次被发现有额定这江户载时莲花光寺被竖立起来,并通知。
本书寺繁荣作为 hatamoto 寺,江户时代。作为纪念纪念碑,不必舍近求远 · chandrabose 工作做一个 0 1975年已竖立。
1986 年 1 月



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