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auto-translate Eagle Shrine Ogin Shrine Japanese Taketosuke Shinto deities Famous security business prosperous Traffic Safety Festival Day November Rooster Day (Crown City) I do not know the exact age where this Ogi Shrine was crowded here, but the late Edo period or the Meiji era It seems to be the first year. Japan Takefumi is a hero god who achieved fulfillment by giving a number of military awards in honor of the emperor&39;s father&39;s bishops, Ezo and others, but after the death the Spirit became a white bird The shrine that worships treasure from the place ascended to heaven is called Otobi Shrine. Cities of agricultural tools and chickens were sold at the festival of Ogashi Shrine, chickens etc were sold, but the late Edo period Oiori gathered with rake from the place which leads to "Large Capture" A civil faith that crops were taken and money gained was born, and rakes and bamboo trees decorating every auspicious thing such as Ebisu Oguro, Inaho, Okame, Senjo Box, Treasure Ship etc. were sold. The crown city of Ogashi Shrine is also a good-and-best girl who pray for usual business development, home safety, fulfillment of heartfelt intentions, etc. until the middle of the night.

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auto-translate 鹰神社靖国神社日本竹助神道神名安全事业兴旺交通安全节日11月鸡日(皇冠市)我不知道这个小鸡神社挤在这里的确切年龄,但江户时代晚期或明治时代这似乎是第一年。日本Takefum​​i是一位英雄神,为了纪念皇帝的父亲的主教Ezo和其他人而颁发了许多军事奖项,从而取得了成就,但死后圣灵变成了一只白鸟崇拜从天堂升天的神社被称为大垣神社。在大垣神社祭出售农业工具和鸡的城市,出售鸡等,但江户时代后期的奥奥利从通往“大俘虏”作为农作物,赚钱的民间信仰诞生了,大吉惠,In,,Okame,上条盒,珍宝船等各种吉祥的耙子和竹子装饰了。小樽神社的皇冠城市也是一个为了平常的商业发展,家庭安全,充满诚挚的意愿而祈祷的好女孩,直到深夜。

御祭神 日本武尊
御神徳 五穀豊穣 家内安全 商売繁盛 交通安全
例祭日 十一月酉日(酉の市)

 日本武尊は父景行天皇 の命を受けて熊襲・蝦夷などの征討に当たられ、数々の武勲をあげ、偉業を達成された英雄神ですが、死後、その御霊は白い大鳥となって天に昇って行かれたところから尊をまつる神社は大鳥(大鷲)神社と呼ばれます。


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