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auto-translate In Nakasendo city in Tsugawa City, Nakasendo Road of about 20 km extends east to west, the fourty-third horse-drawn cabinet counted from Edo, the forty-fourth and the forty-five lodging towns in Nakatsugawa, the 45th was. Although it is said that all of the Nakasendo sixty - seven inns were maintained around the end of the seventeenth century, the post office in the city is not a newly built station, respectively, but before the formation of the Edo shogunate (Village) had already been prepared. Ma Gap Inn Kago Inn located at the southernmost end of Kozo inn is an inn stronghold set in a rare sloping ground in the middle of Nakasendo where the townscape is three town three thousand (about 386 m). Almost repeated buildings are not lost due to repeated fires, but the route and the building where the building is built has not changed from then. Shimazaki Fujimura&39;s birthplace, Magorojin Honjin, is designated as a Gifu Prefectural Historic Site with its remains and retirement. Ochihodo Ochiai is the first lodging town which enters from Minoo to Shinano to Minowa. The length of the accommodation is between Mitsumo 35 (about 390 m), the inside of the inn is divided into downtown, Nakamachi, Uemachi, Yokocho, the number of the house is It was about seven houses. The route from the new tea house to Ochiai Ochiai via Ochiai (about 2475 m), the milestone of the new tea room, the always night light of the Ochiai lodging, Ochiai Honjin where the Iguchi served as the householder for a while is the national historical site "Nakasendo" It is a constituent element. The townscape of the Nakatsugawa lodging Nakatsugawa Inn was Tencho Nana (about 1.1 km), the number of units was 175 and the number of people was 980. The inside of the house was divided into Honmachi with large Honjin, Ashimoto, wholesaler, and Shinmachi with many merchant houses, with a Yoshimikawa flowing in the center of the townscape. I stayed at Nakatsugawa Inn Honjin when Princess Womiya headed for Edo because of my daughter. In addition, it is also the stage of the "Nakazugawa talks" where the Choshu clan changed policy towards Emperor Yusui by Katsura Kogoro etc. at the end of the Tokugawa period.

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auto-translate 在津川市的中生堂市内,东西长约20km的中生路,从江户算起第43个石笼,第47次掩护,第45中津川的三个住宿城镇有。尽管据说在十七世纪末左右所有的中山町六十七个旅馆都保存着,但是这个城市的邮局并不是一个新建的地方,而是建立了江户幕府之前的住所形式(村)已经准备好了。 Ma Gap Inn Kago Inn位于Kozo客栈的最南端,是一个位于Nakasendo中部罕见坡地的客栈,据点是三镇三千(约386米)。几乎重复的建筑物不会因为反复的火灾而落在后面,但建筑物的建设路线和建筑物从那时起并没有改变。岛崎藤村的出生地Magorojin Honjin被指定为岐阜县遗迹遗迹和退休。落合大合谷是从Minoo到Shinano到Minowa的第一个住宿城市。住宿的长度在Mitsumori 35(约390米)之间,内部分为市中心,Nakamachi,Upper Town,Yokocho,房屋数量这是关于七间房子。从新茶馆到落合落合经过落合(约2475米),新茶室的里程碑,落合的住宿,落合的本店的一直夜间的光之间的路线是国家历史遗址“Nakasendo”这是一个组成部分。中津川住宿中津川客栈的街道是Tencho Nana(约1.1公里),单位175个,人数980个。房子的内部被划分成本町,大洪山,阿松町,批发商,新町和许多商人的房子,吉流在街道中心流动。我住在中津川旅馆本店,因为我的女儿Womiya公主走向江户。此外,这也是德川时代末期,朝鲜族改变了桂Em帝政策的“仲川会谈”阶段。


 市内には約20kmの中山道 が東西に延び、江戸から数えて四十三番目の馬籠、四十四番目の落合、四十五番目の中津川の三つの宿場町 がありました。中山道六十七宿の全てが整備されたのは17世紀の終わり頃とされていますが、市内の宿場はそれぞれ新たに造られた宿駅ではなく、江戸幕府が成立する以前に宿の形態(村落)がすでに整えられていました。



 皇女和宮が降嫁のため江戸へ向かう際に、中津川宿本陣へ宿泊しました。また、幕末に桂小五郎 などにより長州藩が尊皇攘夷 へ方針転換した「中津川会談」の舞台でもあります。


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